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Special Edition: Bringing Intelligence to Embedded Systems

Rapid increases in connectivity and performance are transforming embedded systems from stand-alone, fixed-function devices into intelligent systems that communicate, collaborate, analyze, and respond like never before. These remarkable new systems are creating new markets and opportunities to create design approaches.

In this special edition newsletter, we present Intel’s vision for this new market, lay out strategies for implementing intelligent systems, and show example applications built with the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework and other solutions from the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance—an ecosystem of 200+ global member companies whose offerings enable the performance, connectivity, manageability, and security developers need to create smart, connected systems. We hope you will find these materials a useful guide to this exciting new world of connected devices!


Article: The Rise of Intelligent Systems

A new breed of high-performance, cloud-connected intelligent systems is bringing together everything from enterprise IT to consumer electronics in a continuum of connected, interacting devices. Find out how you can gain a competitive advantage by being the first to deliver these systems.

Article: Building the New World of Intelligent Systems

The era of pervasive computing is upon us. From cars that protect and entertain us to stores that tailor the experience to each shopper, this new era will be rich with intelligent systems that are responsive and connected like never before. Here's how you can help build it.


Blog: Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework Simplifies “Internet of Things"

The new Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework brings together hardware, OSs, and tools for connectivity, security, manageability. Learn how the new approach can lower your deployment costs, ease integration, and enable innovative services.

Article:  A Software Strategy for Intelligent Systems

Intelligent systems transform 3 key network touch points:
edge devices (i.e., embedded systems); back-end servers (or the cloud); and, the way connections are made between system elements, allowing us to analyze huge volumes of data as fast as it is created. Get the details in this in-depth article.

Article: A Common Platform for Intelligent Systems

Today’s embedded landscape is highly fragmented. This is changing as intelligent systems take a more standardized approach with hardware that supports widespread communications, deployment across a broad array of applications, and scalability from the edge to the enterprise. See how an Intel-based platform can meet this need.

Article: Intelligence for Your Next Great Design

The market for smart, connected systems is growing fast across edge devices, enterprise systems and cloud services, and communications infrastructure. The challenge for developers is that intelligent systems require unfamiliar functions and capabilities. The good news is you don’t have to go at it alone.


Article: Boost Signage ROI with Audience Measurement

Intelligence and connectivity are making signage smarter than ever. With the Intel® Audience Impression Metric Suite (Intel® AIM Suite), signage can respond to viewers and report results automatically. Explore the ways you can take advantage of this new technology.

Blog: Big Data, the Next Big Thing in Retail

Explore technologies being deployed in the latest retail systems to deal with “big data” - the huge data sets characterized by larger volumes (by orders of magnitude) and greater variety and complexity, and generate at a higher velocity than organizations have faced before.

Blog:  M2M Factory Communication

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and cloud computing promise to transform the industrial landscape. Read on to learn how the Intel Intelligent Systems Framework can give you a head start on implementing these technologies.

Webinar: The Great Network Equipment Migration:
8 Design Decisions to Survive the Big Bang

Networking and communication equipment face new challenges with the cloud, big data, and other transformative technology. To deal with the changes, developers need radical new approaches to the way products are architected and designed. Find out in this new webinar.

Video: Enabling the Next Generation Network

Connecting the Internet of Things is easier with a common architecture – and the Intel® Architecture is well-suited to fill the role. Watch to learn what it means for you.

embeddded innovator

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Available in commercial and industrial temperatures, with MLC or SLC NAND, e.MMC / PATA / SATA NANDrive products are ideal for embedded applications that require secure, reliable and energy-efficient data storage.

descriptionLauterbach TRACE32® PowerDebug for Intel® Atom™ Architecture

Using TRACE32® to debug Intel® Atom™ processor-based designs now gives you the ability to debug your UEFI BIOS of Insyde Software with an intuitive interface, supporting each of its phases, especially within the PEI and DXE phases.

descriptioncongatec conga-TS77 COM Express Type 6 Module based on 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Features 7 PCIe 2.0 lanes, PCIe Graphics 3.0 (PEG) x16 lanes for high-perf. external graphics, 4 SATA ports supporting up to 6Gb/s, RAID, plus a GbE interface for fast, flexible expansion. Up to 16GB fast dual-channel DDR3 memory (1600 MHz) and native USB 3.0. Fan control, LPC bus for easy integration of legacy I/O, and Intel® HiDef Audio complete the feature set.

descriptionTrenton TRC4011 CE Compliant Rackmount Computer

The heart of Trenton’s TRC4011 CE-compliant rackmount computer is a single board computer featuring the latest Intel® processors and a backplane supporting up to 10 general purpose PCI Express plug-in cards. TRC4011 system applications include: military, industrial, storage and video control.

descriptionILS Technology deviceWISE M2M Deployment Kit

Combines the most functionally robust hardware, the most reliable network connectivity, and the simplest, most comprehensive M2M cloud platform on the market – all in one affordable box. You can go from opening the box to full-fledged device communications, reporting, and management in just a few hours.

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