A Framework for the Internet of Things

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Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework Simplifies “Internet of Things”

The new Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework brings together hardware, OSs, and software for connectivity, security, and manageability. Learn how the new approach can lower deployment costs, ease integration, and enable innovative services.

Connecting the Internet of (Medical) Things

The Internet holds great promise for medical devices, but security issues, lack of standards, and other issues have slowed adoption. Read on to see how new software is accelerating the process.

Building the Connected Factory

Poor interoperability is a major challenge for networking in industrial settings. Find out how to solve the problem with the latest hardware supporting the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework.

M2M with the Intelligent Device Platform

A new middleware package for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications pre-integrates complex connectivity, security, and management software. See how this package simplifies selection and integration of the right components.

Designing Infrastructure for Big Data

The Internet of Things and cloud computing are putting new strains on telecom equipment. Find out how you can prepare your server designs for the future of Big Data.

Big Data, the Next Big Thing in Retail

The Internet of Things and cloud computing are putting new strains on telecom equipment. Find out how you can prepare your server designs for the future of Big Data.

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Re-inventing Embedded Connected Computing for M2M 2.0

New tools and technologies enable customers to leverage the convergence of smart connected devices and cloud computing that is unleashing an age of anytime, anywhere connectivity, fostering entirely new modes of customer interaction and service delivery. Sponsored by Eurotech.

Multi-touch Screen Technology HMI Tools Enable Improved Factory Production Monitoring

Advanced HMI systems support the integration of the latest technologies while ensuring seamless interoperability with other equipment throughout the factory to deliver access to crucial data—leading to production efficiencies and informed analysis. Sponsored by Kontron.

POS Security That Pays Its Own Way

Controlling the rising cost of POS system management and security. Sponsored by McAfee.

Enhancing Big Data Security

Securing “Big Data” presents a whole new set of challenges and the need for high-performance computing solutions. Sponsored by Advantech.

A Simpler Blueprint for the Internet of Things

The Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework brings together hardware, operating systems, and tools to deliver a set of interoperable solutions for connectivity, manageability, and security that can scale across applications. Sponsored by Intel.

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Lauterbach TRACE32® PowerDebug for Intel® Atom™ processors

Using TRACE32® to debug Intel® Atom™ processor-based devices gives you the ability to debug your UEFI BIOS of several vendors with an intuitive interface, supporting each of its phases, especially PEI and DXE.

Intel® System Studio

Accelerate embedded and mobile system development. New software tools help provide deep system-level insight into power, reliability, and performance. Bring innovative products to market faster.

Trenton TRC4011 CE Compliant Rackmount Computer

Single board computer featuring the latest Intel® processors and a backplane supporting up to 10 general purpose PCI Express plug-in cards. Applications include: military, industrial, storage, and video control.

Dell PowerEdge R720t Server

NEBS Level-3 and ETSI-certified carrier grade server running on Intel® Xeon® processors at tier 1 levels of stability and global availability. Designed to deliver high performance, maximum scalability, and safe and reliable service.