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Smart Platform for Self-Learning Energy Analytics

Dashboards are a great way to monitor energy consumption, but building managers need more than data to reduce consumption. Discover how a solution using a Kontron Box PC interprets data to provide easy-to-understand advice on saving energy.

Robust IoT Server Solution for Offshore Drilling

Not many environments are tougher than an offshore drilling platform. Learn how MEN Mikro’s robust rack housing designs and boards meet the industry’s stringent requirements for protection against shock, vibration, humidity, dust, heat, and power irregularities.

Meeting Fleet Management and Compliance Needs with the IoT

A blueprint from Intel and TransWiseway lays out a complete IoT commercial fleet management solution that delivers Big Data analytics. Find out how Intel® IoT Gateway solutions go onboard to collect and transmit vehicle data, plus handle video surveillance and driver assistance duties.

Smart Battery Control for Smart Buildings

Solar panel use is exploding as their designs become more efficient and economical. Now building managers need a way to store excess energy. Learn how IoT battery controllers with Intel® Atom™ processors can sync batteries with power needs, grid conditions, and opportunities for rate savings.

Adding Graphics and Storage to Intel® Quark™ SoC-based Solutions

Headless IoT gateways are great for power-constrained applications, but what if you need an HMI? Discover a power-sipping graphics controller module that allows Intel® Quark™ SoC-based Intel® IoT Gateways to deliver HD graphics on up to two displays.

Reinventing the Transit Ticket Kiosk

With the right system onboard, today’s transit ticket kiosks can do a lot more than dispense tickets. See how an Intel® Atom™ processor-based system from Lanner can enable designs that provide schedule information and real-time arrival times, plus earn advertising revenue.

Converged Management Framework for Constrained IoT Devices

The IoT’s fast growth makes managing resource-constrained devices a challenge. Explore a Converged Device Management Framework that runs on Intel® IoT Gateway solutions and provides a single interface to manage devices irrespective of their device management technology.

Industrial-Strength Small Form Factor Boards

Can a small device combine subsystems such as motion control, PLC, HMI, and machine vision? See two boards that use 5th generation Intel® Core™ processors to make easy work of consolidating workloads, running different OSs, and delivering real-time deterministic performance.

Transforming IoT Fleet Management with 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Imagine achieving a 6 percent increase in fuel efficiency and $15 million in savings. Learn about two compact, rugged in-vehicle computers that use advanced processors to enable trucks to sense, think, advise drivers, and report back to headquarters.

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Using Service Classification to Build an Application-Aware NFV Infrastructure for Virtual CPE Services

Intel® Network Builders and Qosmos explain how network equipment, platform, middleware, and software suppliers can use service classification to build an application-aware NFV Infrastructure for vCPE Services.

Sponsored by Qosmos

IoT Gateways Secure Productivity through Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance allows failure risks in plants to be addressed in their early phases. Learn how accurate predictions can be made with IoT gateways that harvest, pre-process, and forward machine and sensor data for cloud analysis.

Sponsored by Nexcom

Connected Car Brings Intelligence to Transportation

Heavy urban traffic is daunting. Learn how in-vehicle terminals turn passenger vehicles into connected cars, which make driving safer and more enjoyable, and capable of supporting connection to intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Sponsored by Nexcom

The Importance of Computing Health Management in Transportation Systems

Learn how computing health management can improve long-term reliability and customer satisfaction while helping railway operators manage costs with intelligent real-time data access.

Sponsored by Kontron

The Internet of Trains: Building Secure Intelligent Networks for Safety and Performance

Rapid rail modernization is improving passenger experiences and safety. See how onboard, cloud-connected intelligent devices transform communication and control systems to revolutionize performance.

Sponsored by Wind River

Sponsored Solutions

TRACE32 PowerDebug for Intel® Atom™ Processor Architecture

Using TRACE32 to debug the Intel® Atom™ processor gives you the ability to debug your UEFI BIOS (Intel® UDK or InsydeH20*) in a comfortable way, supporting each of its phases, especially within the PEI and DXE phases.

A Scalable Solution for High Energy Physics

A world-renowned research institute recognized the need to upgrade their plasma control system. See how VadaTech integrated an Intel® processor-based AdvancedMC* (PrAMC*) with a Data Acquisition AMC in a MicroTCA.4 chassis.

EN 50155-Compliant CompactPCI® Intelligent Railway Platforms

ADLINK CompactPCI platforms are enabling Automatic Train Control systems. Discover how, from blades to systems, our module product portfolio delivers shorter mean time to repair, higher density and improved performance.

RS9113 – Multi Protocol Wireless Mini PCI Express (PCIe) Card

The RS9113 USB Half Mini Card is based on Redpine Signals’ RS9113 ultra-low-power Convergence SoC. Learn how it delivers dual-band 1×1 802.11n, dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 and ZigBee 802.15.4 in a single device over USB in a Mini PCIe Card form factor.

Micron® DDR3/DDR4 DIMMs: Memory Solutions for Long-Life Applications

Micron’s DDR3/DDR4 SODIMMs and UDIMMs (ECC and non-ECC) are ideal modules for embedded computing systems, offering data rates up to 2400 MT/s. Find out how Micron’s Product Lifecycle Solutions align with the lifecycle of your Intel® processor-based design.